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Creating a Simple Workflow in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint document and list item workflows are an excellent way to automate repeatable business processes with SharePoint 2013. Workflows allow users to create a model of how a business process should be carried out, and then to automate and audit that

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How to Create an Enterprise Wiki in SharePoint 2013

With the tremendous increase in knowledge sharing and management in the businesses world, the need for central information repositories and real time communication can be a confusing landscape. SharePoint has proved itself to be one of the best collaboration platform

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Implementing a SharePoint Permissions Plan in 5 Steps (Part 1)

For the uninformed, SharePoint’s massively configurable permission schema can be overwhelming. If you have recently taken on the responsibility of administrating your team’s SharePoint site and know very little about SharePoint permissions then this post is for you. SharePoint security

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Minimize storage consumption with SharePoint

Minimize storage consumption in SharePoint One of the biggest rising issues in the information technology world is the exponential growth of user driven data demands. Due to the boom in technology the need for memory has consistently increased exponential and

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Secure your messaging and attachments with SharePoint.

Securing your communications around SharePoint information.  Over the past few years the trend to migrate field to the secure and collaborative information sharing environment of SharePoint has been increased tremendously. SharePoint is currently being used by more than 78% of Fortune 500 companies. With the adoption of

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