Creating a Simple Workflow in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint document and list item workflows are an excellent way to automate repeatable business processes with SharePoint 2013. Workflows allow users to create a model of how a business process should be carried out, and then to automate and audit that business process. There are several different ways to create SharePoint Workflow. The easiest way to create workflows on a document or list item is the out of the box one;if your business process is too complex for these then you can create complex workflows in SharePoint designer or Visual Studio.

Before starting to create a Workflow, make sure following features are active. such as Publishing Approval Workflow, SharePoint 2007 Workflow and Workflows.


Open the site where the workflow needs to get added. Click library tab and in the ribbon, choose the Workflow setting as shown in the picture below.


From the drop  down menu choose add a workflow. 


On the Add workflow page, fill out the required fields as needed. First choose the content type as needed to the business requirement. There several option such as list, documents, folder,link to document and document sets. Now select a workflow from the options. Important thing here is that if you are using the SharePoint Fundamental you might get fewer options. In the following example I am going to use approval workflow. Approval is the most common and widely used workflow. After choosing the workflow, now give a name to your workflow, select a task list and history list simultaneously. SharePoint also provides you some options regarding when this workflow needs to get trigger. Check the option as per users need. Now click Next.


In the Approval Workflow you need to mention to whom this is assigned to. You can also select order such as One at a time or all at once. After filling out the fields click save.


Now you can see Approval Workflow is successfully added. Multiple Workflow can also be added to any site.


There are couple of way to add a document or file to the Workflow. You can click on ‘…’ on the file and repeat same step on the small dialog box and then select workflows from options as shown in the picture below.


Another way to assign Workflow to a file or document is first highlight or mark the document or file you want to assign Workflow to and then click on Workflow button in the ribbon of ‘FILES’.


After choosing the Workflow you will be presented by options to choose Workflows. Select the Workflow .


You will be provided by the same form. Fill out the form if you want to make changes. 


‘In progress’ will show if you successfully added a document to the workflow enabled library. Congratulations! 


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