Identity, Credential, and Access Management


The path to Zero Trust starts with ICAM.

Easy Dynamics accelerates the journey to Zero Trust by translating industry-specific strategies and technologies into practical, effective ICAM solutions. Our close collaboration with government agencies gives us the insight and experience to design, deploy, and manage ICAM frameworks that seamlessly integrate with existing systems.
We apply our in-depth knowledge of ICAM best practices to deliver robust security, streamlined user access, clear policy alignment, and targeted regulatory compliance – all while maximizing efficiency and minimizing implementation challenges. The end result is a smart, comprehensive ICAM program that allows you to confidently manage identities, credentials, and access across your entire digital landscape.

Reaching Zero Trust Maturity

Zero Trust is crucial for any identity-centric security strategy; it assures system owners that the right people are accessing the right information at the right time. Our ICAM solutions are designed optimize your path Zero Trust maturity, ensuring alignment with enterprise ZT architectures and federal compliance standards.

Elevating Privacy Assurance

Privacy is a key component of every ICAM program – one that goes beyond simply guarding against data breaches. Our team has both the technical skills and the real-world knowledge to build strong, effective privacy protections into your ICAM solution.

Hands-on experience yields measurable results.

Our deep ICAM knowledge comes from shaping and implementing the standards and policies that impact organizations the most. From NIST’s Digital Identity Guidelines and Privacy Framework to FICAM Architecture and Attribute Exchange protocols, we have the real-world experience needed to craft effective solutions. We’re also deeply engaged with critical working groups like Open ID Connect, FIDO, W3C, OASIS, Kantara Initiative and more.

Identity Management

Verify user identity before granting access and capturing necessary data
Grant users access to resources using their home organization’s credentials
Integrate identity management solutions with existing systems and apps
Accelerate policy alignment and map the supporting technology strategy
Provide training and ongoing support for the identity management system

Credential Management

Issue and manage credentials like smart cards, tokens, or digital certificates
Allow users to access resources using their home organization’s credentials
Protect user privacy and comply with all data handing laws and regulations

Access Management

Use a single set of credentials to access multiple apps and systems
Deploy authentication methods like biometrics or phishing-resistant MFA
Manage access to data based on policy, attributes, role, or permissions
Define and control privileged access based on roles and permissions

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Identity Market Research

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