Minimize storage consumption with SharePoint

Minimize storage consumption in SharePoint

One of the biggest rising issues in the information technology world is the exponential growth of user driven data demands. Due to the boom in technology the need for memory has consistently increased exponential and shows no signs of slowing. Both small and large organizations are seeing their users consume data storage space as fast as it can be allocated. This results in large costs of both the allocation and management of the data. Auditing becomes a nightmare, as many versions of each object get saved. Companies are spending millions on the data storage and these numbers will grow as time passes and with the growth in business.

It’s a big challenge for administrators to equally allot memory space to each user, as the more space they allocate, the more space users’ demand. There are, however, other options an organization can take to minimize the memory consumption instead of buying more memory space.

One of the best options to reduce storage is to collaborate on documents through links within SharePoint messages instead of sending the attachment in an email message which will reside on their local computer in their inbox for an unlimited period of time. With this approach a user will just see the link and not the actual attachment in the message and after clicking the hyper link they will be securely directly to the document in the SharePoint library where it is version controlled and always up to date. SharePoint will allow multi simultaneous editors and unlimited version saving while only recording the deltas, so space stays minimal. Now management of that document is easy. The document’s change history as well as the ability to compare each change set is available, your users are happy, and you’ve got your storage space back.

If asking people to please use SharePoint isn’t enough, then convince them with EasyBox, the secure messenger for SharePoint with an email-like UI that trainers users to collaborate around SharePoint documents, not email.

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