How to Create Cross Site Collection Global Navigation in SharePoint 2013

Consistency always plays a vital role to managing sites and subsites in SharePoint. One of the best improvements in SharePoint 2013 was the expanded managed metadata servcie. Now the best practice to managing cross site collection navigation is to use the Managed Term Store as your global navigation tool. Global navigation brings ease to SharePoint Administrators and Users. Instead of changing the tool bar or in every single page it’s better to change it in one page and automatically it will change in all of them.

Make sure that in the site collection settings the Publishing feature is activated. In order to activate the SharePoint publishing feature click on the site collection settings and choose Site Collection feature from the options under Site collection Administrator.



After choosing the Site collection features, Look for SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure and click on activate button and make sure it says activate.



Next step would be to see if the navigation option appears in the site settings under the Look and Feel option.


After the Navigation option appears, Click on term store management. Term store managment in Sharepoint allows the ability to implement formal taxonomies through managed terms. 


Now we are going to create terms which will eventually display on the top, on left side of Site or on both top and side. 


As shown in the picture above, we are going to create new terms set or we can import term set if you have created before or being used in other sites. Now I am going to create a term set name “Home”.


By creating a Term Set “Home”, we can create as many as terms.{{cta(‘209aad85-272d-4e83-8cdc-4f30262bc921′,’justifyright’)}} Also fill out all the fields required such as Term Set Name, Description, Owner,Contact etc. After filling out all the required fields right click on the “Home” or click the down arrow on left of the Term Set  and choose Create Term.


As show in the picture below, I have created “Document” and “Library” Terms under the “Home” Term Set. It is very important to link these Terms to relavent pages or sites.


There are several tabs in each Term set and Terms such as General, Intended Use, Custom Sort etc. In order to have your terms displayed you have to check “Use this Term Set for Site Navigation”  option. Click save.


Now we can see we have Document tab and libary tab on the top navigation and also on the left side. With the Global navigation neither we have to create navigations again and again nor modify them. we just make changes on one place and it gets changed on all the sites using Global Navigation.  You’ve done it!


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