Credential Service
Provider Go-Live


Start benefitting from your external CSP strategy on day one.

With more and more agencies utilizing digital services to reduce barriers and boost access to critical programs, digital identity has become the key to modern service delivery. Using an external credential service provider (CSP) is a smart strategy that not only leverages expertise in identity proofing and credential management, it can also dramatically improve customer experiences and facilitate meeting federal mandates. But reaping the benefits of an external CSP strategy involves more than just flipping a switch – which is why we developed our CSP Go-Live accelerator.

A Plug-and-Play Approach

Easy Dynamics’ CSP Go-Live is a unique plug-and-play accelerator that consists of five customizable components, all of which work in tandem to deliver ROI from day one.
Identity Integration serves the public with trusted identities and authentication
Customer Docs facilitate organizational change management and promote agency buy-in
Governance Agreements describe operational processes and define how CSPs do business
App Onboarding Playbook enables rapid integration with enterprise ICAM solutions
Integrated Reporting meets federal mandates and delivers insights to leadership

Overcome Key Challenges

Enjoy Immediate ROI

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