Accelerated Identity
Market Research


Finding the perfect vendor just got easier.

With the steady rise of cloud computing, organizations have begun outsourcing more technologies and services than ever before. Systems are now commonly comprised of multiple components, making it virtually impossible to find a one-size-fits-all solution that satisfies every unique mission requirement. The mere process of searching for compatible options in today’s rapidly-exploding marketplace requires a heavy commitment of time and labor. Fortunately, there’s an effective solution for these all-too-common problems: Accelerated Identity Market Research.

Less Noise, More Signal

Our five-step market research process begins with an examination of your agency’s requirements, followed by a rapid identification of vendors capable of meeting those needs. We then conduct a deep-dive assessment to filter your options even further, delivering a targeted list based on your unique mission parameters. The process is specifically designed to sift out the noise and amplify the best options for your agency.

The Measurable Benefits

Our 5-Step Research Process

Examine your specific mission goals, needs, and constraints
Scan the marketplace to identify viable solutions and technologies
Evaluate potential vendors using a suite of custom assessment tools
Narrow the list of options and conduct a deep-dive comparison
Reconnect with vendors to check for service or technology updates

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