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Built-In and Custom AngularJS Filters

Now that you know how to write custom AngularJS directives and how AngularJS helps validate forms, let’s move on to the next great feature. AngularJS filters make it easy to display a subset of items from a collection. They are used

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How to Write Custom AngularJS Directives

Much of Angular’s built-in functionality is provided by modular slices of code called directives. You can write custom directives to perform form validation, to minimize code repetition, to attach events to elements, to inject markup into templates, and more. Directives

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Using MVC to Avoid Magic Numbers in Your JavaScript

Hard-coding “magic numbers” in your code has always been a problem for several reasons: they’re not meaningful, they’re difficult to search for reliably, and the chance of using the wrong value is unacceptably high. The first improvement was preprocessor macros

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TypeScript 101: Benefits and How To Install It

TypeScriptLang tells us that “TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.” Therefore, it is essentially JavaScript, but with Object-Oriented features and keywords to help keep your code clean and maintainable. This blog post is a TypeScript

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