How to Create an Enterprise Wiki in SharePoint 2013

With the tremendous increase in knowledge sharing and management in the businesses world, the need for central information repositories and real time communication can be a confusing landscape. SharePoint has proved itself to be one of the best collaboration platform and is probably already in your IT environment. If you have access to SharePoint, I think the Enterprise Wiki is the quickest way to share information and resources without a high cost of overhead or central management. Many people uses wiki pages to upload and share links to their formal documents and files; others use wiki pages to fill out tactical work knowledge and update office FAQs without a central authority. SharePoint allows authorized users to create and update enterprise wikis which can handle a large volume of simultaneously edited information across the organization. It works as a centralized knowledge repository for an enterprise to share or update information.

Enterprise wiki are unique among SharePoint wikis in that they can l only be created as a top level site in the site collection. You will need to have authorization to create Enterprise wiki in Central administration.First click on the Application Management tab in the main Central Administration page and then click “Create site collection” under the Site collection tab.

It will take you to the Create Site Collection page where you can choose a Title, Description, URL, Version, template and user name. In the template select Enterprise and choose the relevant template. Now choose a user name for the site collection administrator and hit OK.

After clicking OK it will show you a successfully created top level site message along with link to your newly created enterprise site.Click on the link and it will take you to Wiki Enterprise page after putting in you administrator credentials.

This is a top level site and we can create subsites in it, so to create a subsite select list from the options and click create a new subsite which is on the bottom of the page.

Fill out all the information for the new subsite. At this point you have two options: either you can create a team site or another Enterprise Wiki site as a subsite to the main Wiki Enterprise. Moreover, you can use the same permissions as parent site or unique one.

Enterprise Wiki can do anything that a team site can do also with the larger load and high traffic. In Enterprise Wiki you can add apps, you can share reports, add images, add tasks and much more.

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