Improved Email Tracking with EasyBox

Why Delivery Reports?

One of the main advantages of EasyBox over email is its ability to accurately track views and changes to attached documents. It does this by keeping attachments within a company’s SharePoint stored in an SQL database. In the traditional email setting, administrators can set read receipts so when users read the email, they are notified. However, the user can easily mark ‘read’ without actually reading its contents. This setting provides a loophole for users to appear responsible for reading their emails. And even if the email was read, you still had no insight into who actually viewed the attachments.

With EasyBox, you get reports of exactly who opened the messages and attachments. This enables administrators, and other users, to better understand who did what and when. Because the attachments themselves stay in SharePoint and all views and edits are tracked. That way, administrators are able to visualize and audit the full document lifecycle.

That’s why the Delivery Report feature of EasyBox is so powerful! Follow the simple steps below to learn how to use this feature to its full benefit:

How To Use Delivery Reports

Step 1: Find the Message You Want

Once in the EasyBox environment, find the message that you want to view the reporting on and click on it. Once you’ve clicked the chosen message, an additional icon (DeliveryReport_icon) will appear in the message details pane. Your screen should look like the picture below:

How to Open Delivery Report Feature in EasyBox, an Easy Dynamics product

Step 2: Find the Delivery Report

Once the Delivery Report icon appears, click on it and a Message Report will display for the administrator. Once the Message Report is displayed, the administrator can see insights on which messages and attachments have been viewed, and also which ones have not. Your screen of the Message Report should look like this:

View a Message Report in Delivery Report feature of EasyBox, an Easy Dynamics product

Step 3: Understand the Delivery Report

In the screenshot above, there are two different icons visible: an open eye (eye_open_icon) and a closed eye (eye_closed_icon). If the message or attachment has been viewed, the open eye will be displayed in the row. On the other hand, if the message or attachment has not been viewed, the closed eye will be displayed in the row. Now you have a more accurate picture of who, what, and when items have been read.

Step 4: Use the Delivery Report to Take Action

Now that you understand how to: 1. find the message, 2. find the delivery report, and 3. understand it, you can use the feature to take action! Whether it’s sending a follow-up as a friendly reminder or for auditability purposes, EasyBox’s Delivery Reports give you the power to accurately visualize and report who is reading your documents.

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