Site Mailboxes vs. EasyBox 2013

Site Mailboxes vs. EasyBox 2013


With SharePoint Online comes a heavily advertised feature called Site Mailboxes. Does this mean SharePoint is merging with Outlook? Not really. Site Mailboxes simply allow emails to be sent to a SharePoint document library, the same as the Email Enabled Document Libraries of 2010. The problem is that, as with any email, the first time someone forwards it outside your organization or opens it outside of Outlook you lose tracking capabilities and your email is gone.

EasyBox was created to solve this exact problem. EasyBox is a familiar webmail interface inside of a SharePoint site. Each message is sent and recieved like email to a users personal box, but the messages never actually leave your SharePoint security boundary and are tracked end to end. Every view, every forward, every recieve is tracked and reportable.

If you are using Site Mailboxes as a way to caputure emails that pertain to information on SharePoint sites, then you are using Site Mailboxes correctly. But if you, as many people do, try to use Site Mailboxes to keep your emails as secure and tracable as your SharePoint data, then you might want to consider adjusting your approach and contacting us. We created EasyBox as a way to solve a one-off client problem, and in the process realized we had a product that could benefit any organization with high information security standards.


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