Telecom Cybersecurity Risk Management

Securing Enhanced A-CAM Program Funding

Navigating new compliance requirements can be tricky. Our experts can help.

The Current Challenges
In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, staying connected is essential for both urban and rural communities. The Enhanced Alternative Connect America Model (Enhanced A-CAM) Program stands as a beacon of hope for bridging the digital divide, helping rural consumers in high-cost areas gain access to secure, reliable broadband services. This vital initiative is specifically aligned with the larger Broadband, Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program in order to prevent redundant funding efforts; as a result, the Enhanced A-CAM program comes with stringent requirements that telecom companies must meet to ensure continued federal funding. The most immediate challenge is described in Section 109 of the FCC’s July 2023 order:
“We require Enhanced A-CAM carriers to implement operational cybersecurity and supply chain risk management plans by January 1, 2024—the start of the Enhanced A-CAM support term. We also require carriers to submit such plans to USAC, and certify that they have done so, by January 2, 2024 or within 30 days of approval under the Paperwork Reduction Act, whichever is later. Failure to submit the plans and make the certification shall result in 25% of monthly support being withheld until the carrier comes into compliance.”
In addition to this time-sensitive requirement, Enhanced A-CAM funding is also contingent on carriers submitting an updated risk management plan within 30 days of making any substantive modifications. Shifts in organizational structure, a new threat landscape, updates to laws or regulations – even changing suppliers or technologies – will require modifying the cybersecurity risk plan, triggering the need to re-submit your plan to retain program funding.
It’s clear that the telecom industry needs both immediate guidance and long-term support as carriers try to navigate these new, complex challenges.

The Easy Dynamics Solution
In response to these urgent industry needs, our cybersecurity experts have developed a unique approach consisting of 3 distinct phases which are designed to address a specific challenge and prepare your organization for the next step.
Phase 1: Business Assessment
In this crucial first step, our team will assess your current cybersecurity infrastructure and define the necessary steps to enhance IT security. This phase lasts 2-3 weeks and provides a critical roadmap to guide your organization’s efforts.
Phase 2: Documentation
With a clear understanding of your organization’s existing cybersecurity landscape, Easy Dynamics will then help with the implementation of cybersecurity controls and document your progress against the Enhanced A-CAM Program’s stringent requirements. This process can take 4-6 weeks and is an essential step toward securing your funding by the January 2 deadline. If your organization has missed the deadline, don’t worry – our team stands ready to help resolve any issues and submit the necessary documents to restore your funding levels.
Phase 3: Ongoing Compliance
Easy Dynamics understands that cybersecurity risk management isn’t a one-time endeavor – it requires a concerted, ongoing commitment. With this in mind, Phase 3 of our solution focuses on keeping your organization in compliance. Drawing upon our cybersecurity experience and technical skills, our team will help you adapt to future changes with agility and maintain reliable funding.

The Measurable Results
With this targeted approach, Easy Dynamics offers a cost-effective solution that delivers clear, measurable outcomes:
Document your progress and secure your federal funding.
Get a detailed roadmap to guide your organization’s cybersecurity journey.
Maintain compliance and improve your security awareness.
Gain regulatory insights and integrate them into your business strategy.
Enjoy smoother business operations and more reliable budgeting.
Put well-developed processes in place and position your organization for future funding.
Why Easy Dynamics?
With our team of experts as your trusted partner, you’ll have the technical support and expert guidance to successfully navigate Enhanced A-CAM program requirements – helping you secure federal funding and deliver reliable broadband services to your community well into the future.
+ We are cybersecurity experts. Easy Dynamics has been solving complex cybersecurity challenges for over 17 years.
+ We know regulatory compliance. Our team has years of experience complying with federal mandates.
+ We support the entire cybersecurity lifecycle. Our expertise covers policy, compliance, architecture, and implementation.
+ We’re staffed to meet the demand. Easy Dynamics is well-positioned with 100+ qualified staff working in cybersecurity.
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