Easy Dynamics and Beruku Identity Forge Partnership to Enhance U.S. Government Identity Proofing

MCLEAN, VA – Easy Dynamics is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Beruku Identity. Beruku Identity brings a deep understanding of legal and regulatory requirements, global identity standards, identity verification technology, and direct access to a hands-on biometrics and document authentication testing lab. Together, they will revolutionize identity proofing for international users within the U.S. government.

The U.S. federal government provides services to over 400 million individuals, businesses, and organizations annually. In our ever-evolving digital landscape, interactions are increasingly digital-first and require remote identity proofing. Servicing international users, i.e., those who do not have U.S.-issued ID documents, poses a challenge for federal agencies. Due to a limited ability to validate foreign credentials against authoritative U.S. sources, international agency collaboration is hindered, customer experience is reduced, and the likelihood of identity fraud is increased.

Recognizing the need for agencies to develop policies and implement strategies that incorporate international users, Easy Dynamics and Beruku Identity have teamed up to combine their expertise and experience. Specifically, the partnership provides agencies with:

  • Deep expertise in standards-based identity proofing in an international context
  • Trust Framework and other policy development expertise to codify international proofing flows and risk-based alternatives
  • A hands-on testing lab (Ingenium Biometric Laboratories) to generate quantitative insights into international proofing vendor performance against industry standards including FIDO

“Partnering with Beruku Identity will assist us in continuing our mission to design, build, and secure the systems that protect our people, places, and way of life,” Poupak Afshar, Easy Dynamics CEO, said. “Providing our federal government with quality, efficient, and modern solutions with the assistance of Beruku is very exciting. We look forward to this partnership and continuing to serve our federal customers.”

Beruku Identity co-founder Alastair Treharne said, “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Easy Dynamics, bringing our deep global expertise to clients in the USA. Together, we aim to empower the government to understand and benefit from the benefits of digital identity and trust technology. This collaboration will provide cutting-edge expertise to enhance the delivery of digital transformation initiatives, ensuring our clients navigate this evolving digital era with confidence and efficiency.”

The partnership combines subject matter expertise, strategic focus, policy templates, and hands-on testing services to enable agencies to meet the challenge of servicing international users in a compliant, risk-based, digital-first way, delivering on their mission and enhancing customer experience.

About Easy Dynamics
Easy Dynamics Corporation is a leading technology services provider with a core focus in Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, and Information Sharing. We are builders, problem solvers, and trusted advisors who bring well-architected solutions and management consulting to our clients to align them with the best practices their missions demand. As industry leaders, we are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and service in all aspects of our organization and providing our customers with outstanding technical excellence and the business acumen to advise them on both tactical and strategic initiatives.

About Beruku Identity
Beruku Identity has an expert leadership team with decades of experience advising on trust, security and identity in government and industry. Beruku has deep subject matter expertise on data, identity, deep fakes, and AI, combined with pioneering in-house R&D capabilities. From testing biometric technologies to development of standards in developing markets to financial services adoption strategies, Beruku leverages global partnerships with experts and academics to ensure that they remain on the cutting edge of technologies – and threats – related to trust.