Information Sharing

Organizations today are identifying more ways to share information, both internally and externally with partners. Newer patterns and protocols for integration have led to increased integration points, raising the risk of unintended disclosure. Information management can quickly become a challenge when introducing new applications within the context of sharing content. Because Information sharing requires one party willing to share their data, trust becomes paramount.

Easy Dynamics mitigates the risks with a robust governance model based on an identity-centric approach. We help organizations design and implement management and technical strategies for information sharing that account for privacy while growing user trust iteratively. Let our team help increase user adoption, improve information discovery, and dissemination and mature your organization’s information sharing strategy.

What are your Information Sharing needs?

  • B2B and B2C information sharing
  • Consent based information sharing
  • Migrations & assessments
  • Digital identity centered strategy to support high trust transactions
  • Knowledge management
  • Access control & authorizations
  • Deep analytic insights & audits
  • Search & discovery
  • Regulatory compliance