Identity, Credential, and Access Management

Every IT decision-maker knows the path to Zero Trust begins with a strong ICAM program.


Easy Dynamics accelerates the journey to Zero Trust by translating industry-specific strategies and technologies into practical, effective ICAM solutions. Our close collaboration with government agencies gives us the insight and experience to design, deploy, and manage ICAM frameworks that seamlessly integrate with existing systems. We apply our in-depth knowledge of ICAM best practices to deliver robust security, streamlined user access, clear policy alignment, and targeted regulatory compliance – all while maximizing efficiency and minimizing implementation challenges. The end result is a smart, comprehensive ICAM solution that allows organizations to confidently manage identities, credentials, and access across their digital landscape.

Paving the Way to Zero Trust

Protecting organizational assets and information in a world untethered from physical boundaries requires an entirely new cybersecurity paradigm: Zero Trust. It’s a critical part of any identity-centric security strategy, assuring system owners that the right people are accessing the right information at the right time – and for the right reasons. Easy Dynamics’ ICAM solutions are explicitly designed to function as an on-ramp to Zero Trust, ensuring your program aligns with enterprise Zero Trust architectures and federal compliance standards. This approach to ICAM puts you on the path to Zero Trust with automated processes and systems, enterprise-wide integration and interoperability, dynamic access control protocols, and high-visibility continuous monitoring.

Elevating Privacy Assurance

At Easy Dynamics, we believe that privacy is a critical component of any robust ICAM solution – one that goes beyond simply guarding against data breaches. Having played a pivotal role in the development of NIST’s Privacy Framework, we have not only the technical skills but also the real-world experience to build strong, effective privacy protections into your ICAM solution. Our comprehensive approach includes assessing privacy risks, developing mitigation strategies, modernizing information systems and processes, and crafting clear privacy policies and requirements.

Applying Real-World Expertise
Our deep ICAM knowledge comes from shaping and implementing the standards and policies that impact organizations the most – including NIST’s Digital Identity Guidelines and Privacy Framework, FICAM Architecture, and Attribute Exchange protocols – as well as our participation in critical working groups like OpenID Connect, FIDO, W3C, OASIS, Kantara Initiative, and more. This wealth of ground-level awareness sets Easy Dynamics apart and lends critical expertise across our entire suite of ICAM services.
Put your organization on the fast track to Zero Trust with our smart, comprehensive ICAM solutions.
Our ICAM Accelerators
Identity Market Research
Faced with a dizzying array of technology vendors in today’s marketplace – not to mention ever-evolving cyber threats and federal guidelines – organizations are looking for ways to simplify and accelerate the selection process. Our Accelerated Identity Market Research was designed specifically with this in mind, keeping organizations one step ahead with faster, easier, more confident vendor selection.
Credential Service Provider Selection
Delivering services securely can be challenging for any organization; it’s also key to achieving mission success, which makes choosing the right credential service provider (CSP) all that more critical. Easy Dynamics’ Accelerated CSP Selection was developed to model the most important aspects of this process upfront, applying real-world experience to identify key decision points and map a clear path toward integration.
Credential Service Provider Go-Live
The advantages of leveraging external credential service providers are clear: they improve user experiences, facilitate meeting federal mandates, and allow agencies to devote more resources to their core missions. But implementation hurdles and protracted go-live timelines can be daunting. Our Accelerated CSP Go-Live was designed to overcome the challenges of deploying an external CSP strategy, allowing agencies to begin reaping the benefits from day one.

Identity Proofing & Enrollment
Verifying the identity of users before granting access and capturing necessary information

Federated Identity Management
Allowing users to access resources across organizations using their home organization’s credentials

Integration Services
Integrating identity management solutions with existing systems and applications

Policy Alignment & Technology Roadmap
Accelerating alignment with federal policy and mapping out the supporting technology strategy

Training & Support
Providing training to users and ongoing technical support for the identity management system

Credential Issuance
Providing and managing authentication credentials such as smart cards, tokens, or digital certificates

User Lifecycle Management
Allowing users to access resources across organizations using their home organization’s credentials

Privacy Compliance
Ensuring that user privacy is protected and data handling complies with privacy laws and regulations

Single Sign-On (SSO)
Enabling users to access multiple applications and systems with a single set of credentials

Authentication Services
Implementing a range of authentication methods such as biometrics and phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure access

Access Control & Authentication
Determining what resources and data users can access based on policy, attributes, role, or permissions

Privileged Access Management (PAM)
Determine and control privileged access management based upon roles and permissions

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