Security Engineering

At Easy Dynamics, we understand that securing your organization's data is foundational to maintaining trust. Without it, could your organization continue to serve it’s mission? As the pace of change increases, the costs can quickly increase with it. We are here to help. The modern cybersecurity landscape is more complex than ever, and to stay secure, Easy Dynamics enables organizations to secure the systems with the automated rigor, repeatability, high assurance, and resiliency to deliver at rapid speeds.

Cyber attacks are happening with increasing frequency every year, and criminals scour the web for vulnerable businesses and organizations. Easy Dynamics has not only the subject matter expertise but also the hands-on technical knowledge to build solutions that can withstand today's most common attacks. So no matter what the threat, you can bet we have seen it before. From insider threats to denial of service attacks, we will help you mitigate risks before they can do any harm.

  • Routine vulnerability and compliance scanning and reporting
    • Compliance as Code to ensure continuous compliance
    • Configuration Management to allow speedy patching of vulnerable software
  • Monitoring & Alerting with rotating on-call 24/7 Engineer
  • Log Aggregation
    • Trend analysis
    • Forwarding to SOC
  • Fine grained access control
    • AWS/Azure IAM
  • Code Promotion Scanning
  • Package Signing, Verification, and Scanning