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Credential Service Provider Go-Live

The benefits of using external CSPs are numerous. So are the challenges.

Today, more and more agencies are utilizing digital services to reduce barriers and increase access to critical programs. The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act, recent executive orders, and evolving customer expectations all point to digital identity as the key to modern service delivery. Leveraging an external credential service provider (CSP) can deliver multiple benefits, from improving customer experiences to meeting federal mandates. And because they specialize in identity proofing and credential management, CSPs also allow agencies to focus on their core mission. Several agencies have even adopted a multi-CSP approach, leveraging two or more external CSPs to reduce the risk of single-point failure and expand demographic coverage.
But while the benefits of leveraging CSPs are clear, successful implementation and go-live requires overcoming several key challenges, including:
+ Integrating with existing processes and Zero Trust architecture
+ Delineating roles, responsibilities, and risk between agency and CSP
+ Testing and learning from CSP integrations before roll-out
+ Managing organizational change and communications
+ Reporting accurately on app integration, performance, and risk

Based on our hands-on experience at three cabinet-level agencies, Easy Dynamics has developed an accelerated solution that solves all of these common challenges: Credential Service Provider Go-Live.

Delivering ROI From Day One
Our CSP Go-Live accelerator is designed to rapidly deliver ROI, allowing agencies to reap the benefits of an external CSP strategy from day one. This unique plug-and-play solution consists of five customizable components, all of which work together in tandem: Identity Integration, Customer Documents, Governance Agreements, App Onboarding Playbook, and Integrated Reporting.
Identity Integration: Our Identity Integration component delivers Azure Active Directory Business-to-Customer integration at scale, as well as accelerated integration of all leading CSPs using standard protocols.
Customer Docs: This component improves organizational change management and facilitates internal agency buy-in, using ready-made templates that adhere to US Web Design System (USWDS).
Governance Agreements: These tailored agreements define how CSPs do business, offering a custom blueprint for operational processes and enabling enforcement of NIST 800-63 and other federal guidelines.
App Onboarding Playbook: Our App Onboarding Playbook enables rapid integration of external applications with CSPs and aligns your architecture with federal Zero Trust mandates.
Integrated Reporting: The Integrated Reporting component delivers integrated dashboard reporting to agency executive leadership and dramatically improves reporting requirements from FISMA and M-21-31.
The Benefits of Accelerated CSP Go-Live
Reduces time to market by up to 60%
Delivers rapid deployment and testing in a single day
Enforces NIST 800-63 and other guidelines
Locks in security with Zero Trust alignment
Offers critical support for your users, workforce, and stakeholders
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Pirooz Javan
Chief Technology Officer
JJ Harkema
VP Solutions & Partnerships