We focus on the of verticals of DevSecOps with an agile execution model to help you plan and navigate the entire lifecycle of your applications. We have expertise in all three areas to not only help you make the right decisions but to help you identify challenges that you may not even be aware of!


Formalizing strategic goals and requirements, and converting them into actionable backlogs

Value Stream mapping

Defining value streams that guide the development and configuration of CI/CD pipelines

Security and Risk Assessments

Establishing compliance goals and helping navigate the ATO process for FedRAMP


Defining SLAs, DR plans and incident response plans, and how to do that effectively in the cloud

Continuous Improvement

Defining measures and ways to improve and realize continued success


Our engineering principles align with Well-Architected frameworks made available by Amazon and Microsoft for their cloud platforms. We deliver value with our in-depth experience and insight across these platforms and use the pillars of the framework to guide our delivery.

Cost Optimization

Right-sizing to minimize costs while maximizing the value delivered

Operational Excellence

Making systems observable and monitoring their health for availability

Performance Efficiency

Horizontal and vertical scaling of workloads to better meet the demand


Ensuring continuity and being able to recover from failures effectively


Protecting applications and data from threats using IAM and OWASP best practices