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As a leading provider of cloud delivery solutions, Easy Dynamics understands that the friction between organizational needs and regulatory requirements can be a significant barrier to embracing cloud computing services. Our Velum Cloud™ process was developed specifically to address this pain point, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free cloud adoption journey. We combine our technical skills, program management experience, and federal compliance know-how into a single, holistic solution, leveraging all the benefits that cloud computing offers: cost efficiency, robust security, and faster delivery of mission-critical services.

Prioritizing Federal Compliance

Our deep experience with application transformation makes Easy Dynamics a trusted partner for a seamless, secure transition to the cloud. Our team has the unique ability to analyze extensive application portfolios and deploy a targeted, optimized strategy – from complex refactoring to simple like-for-like migration, we have the skills and experience to ensure a complete, successful transition. Our rapid-ATO approach empowers federal clients to quickly harness the full potential of their multi-cloud solutions, maximizing benefits and minimizing time-to-value.

Optimizing App Migration
Our approach to cloud delivery is designed to ensure compliance with both the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). By prioritizing regulatory alignment at every stage and deploying automated solutions, our process neutralizes operational friction and ensures both continuous compliance and seamless information sharing from start to finish. Our team also takes a proactive approach to compliance by monitoring Executive Orders and OMB memoranda for the latest guidance on cloud computing and cybersecurity requirements, including ZTA, FICAM, and Cloud Smart.
Like the formation it’s named after, Velum Cloud™ is designed to be smooth-flowing, resilient, and comprehensive in scale.
Maximizing Cloud Innovation

Guided by federal Cloud Smart principles, Easy Dynamics maximizes cloud innovation by harnessing the power of AI/ML technologies for automation, streamlining processes, and unlocking new efficiencies. We enhance operational resilience with integrated disaster readiness and risk mitigation strategies, using lean Agile methodologies to rapidly deliver continuous improvements. Leveraging cloud innovations allows our team to further accelerate the implementation of a Zero Trust framework, bolstering security and trust in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

Leveraging Our Expertise

By applying our comprehensive range of technical capabilities and subject matter expertise, Easy Dynamics empowers federal agencies to accelerate their Cloud Smart journey. Our expertise in IaC, CaC, and CI/CD pipeline development and integration enhances our knowledge across all major cloud platforms. We also bring decades of program management, organizational change management, identity management, and continuous compliance experience to the table – a powerful combination that delivers radical transparency and reduces friction across the cloud adoption experience.

Application Portfolio Assessment
Optimize all your applications for the cloud to ensure top performance and cost-efficiency

Fit-for-Cloud Assessments
Identify the perfect migration strategy for your legacy systems and seamlessly integrate cloud-native technologies

Design & Architecture
Get built-to-spec infrastructure that aligns perfectly with your operational needs

Cloud Platform Roadmap
Keep your long-term cloud goals in sight and on track with a customized project roadmap

Cloud Platform Landing Zone
Establish a stable, secure foundation for your cloud infrastructure

Agile Program Management
Our agile delivery process ensures better cost efficiency, more transparency, less risk, and higher quality outcomes

Development & Coaching
Nurture your team’s skills, grow their potential, and inject maximum innovation into your cloud solution

CI/CD & Automated Testing Environments
Leverage a seamless development workflow that guarantees rapid, reliable application delivery

Our processes are tightly integrated with ITIL V4 service operations and CMMI Level 3, ensuring the highest level of security and quality

Any Vendor, Any Platform
Our vendor-agnostic approach and expertise across all major cloud platforms give you the freedom to choose the optimal fit for your organization

Universal & Complete
Comprehensive migration services for IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Hybrid environments that encompass all data, application, and infrastructure needs

Maximum Insight & Innovation
Our Cloud Migration Assessment Framework provides a top-to-bottom evaluation of your existing cloud environment, allowing you to map out future innovations to cloud native solutions

Robust Data Protection
We deploy enhanced protocols and solutions designed to protect your assets during and after transition

Diligent Maintenance
Our continuous post-migration support, monitoring, and advisory services keep your cloud environment operating at peak performance

Zero Trust Architecture
Build modern cybersecurity protocols directly into the foundation of your cloud infrastructure and workflows

Continuous Compliance
Minimize cybersecurity risks across your organization with ongoing security monitoring and continuous verification of users and devices

Compliance Automation
Leverage the power of AI/ML technology to streamline your compliance process and get real-time insights for continuous improvement

Ensure automatic compliance right from the start by embedding policies and regulatory checks directly into your codebase

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