Enabling Secure Government to Business (G2B) Online Services

Social Security Administration (SSA) expands services to reduce synthetic identify fraud, a multi-billion dollar problem U.S. lenders face today.

Social Security Administration

Social Security Administration

For over 80 years SSA has provided financial protection to our nation’s most vulnerable, delivering some of the nation’s most successful anti-poverty programs. Today, millions rely on SSA services for retirement, disability, and survivor benefits.

To support its efforts, SSA relies on the Social Security number (SSN) to accurately identify and record wages and self-employment earnings. As America’s infrastructure and online services expand, the SSN has become a service enabler for the agency, but it has also seen increased usage throughout the private sector where it is routinely used as a unique identifier, especially in the financial sector. This has resulted in a substantial increase in identify fraud that is growing year over year.

The Challenge

  • Fraudulent use of synthetic identities is growing, causing billions in losses annually
  • Verification of organizations and their affiliates in a trusted manner was slow, difficult to scale, and insecure
  • SSA’s systems were outdated so could not provide real-time services to combat the problem
  • Modern technology & security standards were not being used, leaving services vulnerable to modern attack vectors

The Solution

Easy Dynamics designed, built, and secured an end-to-end process that enabled SSA to quickly and securely enroll organizations leveraging open and closed source data sources with modern federation and security standards (OIDC/OAuth 2.0).

The solution, Entity Authentication and Authorization for Everyone (EAZE), was designed to meet the security, privacy, and commercial operational needs SSA required to enable high trust, secure online transactions for enabling the electronic consent based SSN verification system (eCBSV), a new service rolling out to help U.S. lenders reduce synthetic identity fraud.

The Benefits

Improved Security

  • Security is strengthened & automated to achieve a modern, high-trust ability to support government to business (G2B) services
  • Built with modern protocols, implemented to current security guidelines for increased confidence for agency-wide adoption

Reduced Costs and Risks

  • Reduces risk and saves time by eliminating manual processes, as well as eliminating SSA’s handling of super-user accounts, affiliate accounts, and the need to identity proof the employees of businesses using SSA services.
  • Automation and federation shift responsibility away from SSA which reduces cost over time while increasing accuracy, improving privacy, and strengthening security.

Improved Privacy

  • SSA no longer needs to collect the personally identifiable information (PII) of business affiliates

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