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EasyBox v2: SharePoint 2013 Edition

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EasyBox v1: SharePoint 2010 Edition

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What is EasyBox?

Your Information Security Guardian

Many businesses keep their data in SharePoint. It is secure, version controlled, and accessible from everywhere. But what happens when someone downloads a document and emails it to a colleague? Suddenly it is out of the system, and it isn’t coming back. Enter EasyBox. Email for SharePoint, within SharePoint, built around SharePoint. When you use EasyBox your documents and your information assets stay where they belong, in SharePoint and inside your organizational boundaries.

Your Email Replacement

EasyBox has a simple and intuitive interface so users are able to start communicating directly and securely with one another immediately; user training is virtually unnecessary. With EasyBox users will quickly adopt a fast, secure, and powerful messaging system that will raise your information sharing maturity without burdening your users.

A Full Audit Trail of Your Information Flow

EasyBox messages and document links are monitored end to end with complete audibility. Unlike with email, SharePoint messages are tracked 100% of the time when they are sent, recieved, viewed, and forwarded. EasyBox messages exist forever and lifecycle logs of each and every message can be reported on.

Why EasyBox

EasyBox integrates with your existing SharePoint portal to provide users with a fast, secure, intuitive and efficient communications infrastructure. It is a proven secure messaging system and that provides easy, user-friendly, enterprise level messaging within a secure portal environment. This software can dramatically improve efficient use of enterprise systems as attachments no longer need to be included as a part of email communications and cluttering email servers.

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Recent Features Added

  • SharePoint Designer Integration for Deep Custom Workflow Support
  • Redesigned Distribution List Browser
  • Updated Print Support
  • Enhanced Chrome and FireFox Compatibility
  • Claims Support Added to People Picker
  • Search UI Enhancements
  • Improved Administrative Reports
  • Streamlined Attachment Process
  • Re-Designed EasyBox Support Site
  • 1568 Spring Hill Rd. Suite 200, McLean VA, 22102

    (202) 558-7275